First Impressions: Sankarea Episode 1 Synopsis and Review

This is just me ranting to myself here. Doing a synopsis of each episode just seems like too much work in the long run. Watching the show, rewatching without subtitles, jotting down notes on the important parts, and screencapping scenes to go with the notes. It took me about three hours to finish my Medaka Box review. So expect future synopses to be much shorter than the one in my Medaka Box review.

Now on to Sankarea, I’ll admit I knew absolutely nothing about this series before coming in to this show. The only bit of information I knew was that the main character is a zombie loving teenager. I only got that info from a description of the manga. See I once forced myself to make a choice between reading this or another manga with a similar theme, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. Despite the fact that Sankarea was more popular and its creator was a familiar mangaka, I went with Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. Now both shows, coincidence or not, have anime airing this season. Since I’m more liberal with picking my anime compared to picking my manga, I’ll take a look at both shows. Showing first is Sankarea so let’s get to it!


Our main character Furuya Chihiro loves zombies. He wants a cute zombie girlfriend.

Chihiro as the narrator introduces his household which stays and works at a temple

His cat, Bob (actually Babu, but I want to stick with Bob).

His mom who passed away.

Chihiro talks about being robbed of one of his family members. He’s referring to his cat.

Using an old mysterious book, Chihiro plans to revive Bob as a zombie.

He goes to an abandoned building where no one will find him do his experiment.

While there, Chihiro finds a girl screaming into a well.

The next day, Chihiro’s girl-obsessed best friend points out one of the popular girls, Sanka Rea, daughter of the school principal, who was the girl from last night.

Chihiro gets a visit from his cousin who tries to cheer him up from the death of Bob.

Later that night, Chihiro returns to the building and sees Rea again.

She’s screaming out all her frustrations while Chihiro just watches from afar.

She reveals a secret so shocking, Chihiro reacts and gives himself away.

Awkward conversation which leads to Chihiro telling Rea his cat-zombification plan.

Chihiro is willing to keep Rea’s secret if she would agree to be his guinea pig and die so he can experiment on zombifying her.

Just kidding.

Rea jokingly agrees, Chihiro actually considers it. Rea bids farewell and tells Chihiro that they should meet again tomorrow.

The episode ends with a glimpse of a zombified Rea.


Though it was the typical, introduce characters, introduce setting episode, there was some meaningful dialogue and it was all mostly interesting. Mostly. The part where he introduced his family was dull. What made up for that was the burial for Bob scene. There was this subtle yet heart melting moment where Chihiro’s sister asked him if it’s okay for children of the temple to express their emotions during such a sad time. She then silently moves closer to Chihiro and cries on his shoulder. Few words in that scene, but it was effectively touching. The two main characters seem to be well acted out, even though there was really nothing special about them. It was quite easy to understand them. Chihiro has his narration, while Rea has her mannerisms. These things helped flesh out the two characters. Everyone else, though, seems to be a bland stereotype (I’m looking at you, pervert best friend!). The animation for this show is good too. This show’s style and direction can be considered  a more subtle Bakemonogatari, but with occasional dark, and suspenseful moments a regular zombie show would have. This isn’t a regular zombie show. This is zombie romance. He wants to get it on with a dead chick. The opening segment was stylish and actually quite random. The rest of the music? I didn’t notice the music. Well, at least it’s not noticeably bad, right? I don’t see much in the way of story and drama but at least it’s not another K-On! wannabe. Hey, I knew nothing about this show so I really can’t say whether it’s gonna get good or not. All I can say is, right now, it looks interesting to say the least.

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