State of the Blog Address (April 6, 2012)

Greetings my esteemed readers! This is the State of the Blog Adress, SOBA for short. I would like to start start by congratulating myself for exceeding expectations. I expected absolutely no hits within the first few days of this blog. Since the birth of this blog, up to this point (April 6, 2012 8:45 P.M. GMT+8) we have had 147 hits which is 147 more than predicted! Of course, this milestone wouldn’t have been achieved without the support of you readers. Please, congratulate yourselves as well.

Concerning the future of this blog, I will continue to post frequently as I am currently enjoying my summer vacation. There is one problem that seeks to impede this blog’s progress though. That problem is my slower-than-dial-up internet.This problem has been persistently inconveniencing me for over a month now, even before this blog was started. This is a major problem because with slow internet, comes slow video streaming, which means late episode reviews from this blog. While Sunny Side Anime Blog has already procured a solution in the form of a switch in Internet service provider, I still cannot assure my readers that this solution will take effect instantly, but hold on to your faith! I can at least guarantee that it will happen within the week (if not my new IPS is gonna get an earful of complaints from my mom). So stay tuned anyway. A new season of anime is upon us, and even if it takes me a lifetime to watch and review them, I will watch and review them. For that is the goal of Sunny Side Anime Blog! To review and share all anime equally (not true, just the ones I like)! To end this era of prejudice and bias! This is the utopia we all wish to see! This is the future! This is Sunny Side Anime Blog! *insert applause sound track*

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