Four Signs That Your Addiction To Anime Has Gone Too Far

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Having an interest in anime isn’t so out of the ordinary. There are about a good million people in this world’s population who could comfortably admit to being an anime fan. It’s not a bad thing. Being an anime fan is like being gay. Not calling anime fans gay, mind you. Just keep reading. Some people may not agree with your preferences, but once they get an understanding of your nature, they’ll realize that you’re just as human as they are. Of course, there are some extreme cases of fanaticism. These extreme fans are commonly called “otaku”. At some point, their interest in anime becomes an addiction, and just like getting hooked on Cocaine or My Little Pony, it starts to harm other aspects of their lives.

Getting worried that you might have become too addicted? Don’t fret! Sunny Side Anime Blog has come up with a list of four signs you need to look out for in order to tell if you’re too addicted! Please take note that this article is meant to express and entertain. In no way do I want to offend anyone with what I wrote here. I mean, I’m sort of guilty of a lot of these items I listed but I didn’t offend myself. With that in mind, be open with what you’re about to read and enjoy!

SIGN#1: Everything must be in Japanese!

Anime is a term referring to Japanese animated shows, so it doesn’t take a detective to figure out that anime would be originally dubbed in Japanese. You’re not an abomination of a human being if you prefer watching anime with original Japanese audio over watching it dubbed in English. The fact is, it’s their show, so they would know how they would want it to sound.Watching a show dubbed in English? It’s fine. Nothing wrong with sacrificing a little authenticity for the convenience of not having to read subtitles. Watching a show in original audio with subtitles? Still fine. You’re still  watching it the way it was meant to be watched. You learned Japanese just so you could watch it completely raw? That’s pushing it already but hey, learning a second language is always a good thing.

Guy#1: Hey dude, wanna watch Spongebob?

Guy#2: Sure bro. Oh, but only if it’s in Japanese!

Guy#1: Aweso-Wait, why Japanese?

Guy#2: Yeah bro. English is sooo dull. It totally ruins the show’s atmosphere. Japanese language just adds culture and refinement to it. Definitely the superior language!

STOP! If these guys weren’t Japanese and were, say, a couple of regular Caucasians, I would have shoved a boot up Guy#2’s pasty bottom. Like what I mentioned before, it’s their show, so they would know how they would want it to sound. Spongebob Squarepants is an American kid’s cartoon so it should sound like an American kid’s cartoon. The dubbing team must have screwed up pretty bad if a natural English speaker thinks that their English dub is inferior to the Japanese dub.

No. Absolutley not. Never. Nuh-uh. Nope.

SIGN#2: You’re dirt poor because of all the merchandise you buy

He he he, I’m guilty of this one. No car? There’s always public transport. No Internet? There’s probably a net cafe somewhere near you, or your neighbor’s wifi. No PS3/XBox/Wii? I’m sure a friend has one and will let you play (It’s not mooching; it’s giving him a chance to show he’s a true friend). No Hatsune Miku PVC figure? OH MAH GAWD! What is wrong with you? Don’t you know how awesome it feels to own a figure? Go to your nearest hobby shop right now and buy that expensive piece of plastic that costs more than the vehicle you’ll take to get there!

This is all about priorities. I’ll admit there were times when I was tempted to sell my internal organs so I could buy a figure. I mean, I could afford to lose a kidney. Anyway, I’ve got a spare, right? Merchandise makes you do that. You know that they’re not as important as food, clothes or a toilet. You know that they’re way overpriced, but…Look! This mug has  that popular idol on it! It’s an exact replica of the weapon she used in the series! This Blu-ray disk contains an exclusive episode and comes with a credtiless opening and ending sequence! ENOUGH! This is what merchandise does to you: They take your love for anime and exploit it. They’re playing with you like you’re their pet dog. “You see this stick boy? Yeah? You like that stick? Well fetch! Go get it boy! That’s it! Good boy!” Eventually, you’ll get tired and realize you don’t always have to fetch the stick. My dog learned that. Now he never plays fetch. Lazy bastard. Let’s face reality here. There is a lot of awesome stuff out there, but we can’t have them all. It’s okay to give in to your wants, but only when you can afford to. All the things I mentioned? Figures, replicas, Blu-rays, branded products, panties, etc. They’re luxuries, not necessities. You don’t really need them (especially panties). If I had bought every figure that caught my attention, I’d be a hobo with a harem of plastic girls right about now. I wouldn’t be taking pictures of my figures and writing on this blog. I’d be dumpster diving and hunting for street rats.

Stupid expensive Miku. Stupid expensive, adorable Miku...

SIGN#3: You got into a physical fight because of anime

I’m not talking about blasting at trolls on a forum. I’m talking about getting violent when you get insulted  as a fan of anime. One thing about extreme fanatics is that they are overly defensive about their obsessions.

Guy#1: Hey dude! Watcha watchin’?

Guy#2: ‘Sup bro? Just watching some Aquarion EVOL. Grab a seat and join me!

Guy#1: No thanks. Anime’s not really my thing.


I’m not joking. There are fans who get hysterical like Guy#2. How do I know? Because I kind of acted like that once before. I was the self-appointed defense attorney of everything I liked. I never got into a fist fight, but there was a lot of yelling involved. Listen kiddos, whenever some guy criticizes anime, just remember that he’s got his opinion and you’ve got your own. I’m sure you dislike things that he’s fond of too. I’m a pretty considerate guy, if I do say so myself. If I don’t like something, I keep quiet about it in order to avoid conflict. Not everyone is as nice as I am though. Some guys just say what they want to say and deal with all the feedback themselves. I’m not strong enough to do that which is why I prefer to keep from saying anything that will provoke others. Speaking of provoking, there will be guys who will demean and insult anime just to provoke you. My advice? Just keep calm and remember how truly powerless they are. So what if some bully says K-On is girly weeabo trash? It’s not like it’s gonna convince KyoAni to quit any plans for K-On Season 3 (though by all means KyoAni, quit your plans for K-On Season 3. You’ll be doing me a huge favor by doing so). “Waaah! Random-guy-on-the-internet#69 thinks that Gundam is stupid! Now the whole product is ruined and everything I once held dear about Gundam is gone!” Get over it buddy. Gundam is still there and nothing is going to change because of that troll’s comment.

Just remember this wise saying a travelling monk once taught me:

SIGN#4: You don’t even watch TV anymore

“Now how can that be? Anime refers to shows so they must be on TV. Stupid writer-san!” What I mean by this item is that…Good ol’  basic cable isn’t good enough for you anymore. You want your anime and you want it as it’s released. You can’t wait for Funimation or other licensing companies. They’re too slow! Screw the TV! You’re hitting the internet! To piracy and beyond! At some point in my life, I completely abandoned my TV and just watched anime on my computer. I took everything my local anime channel had to offer and I still wasn’t satisfied. News? Movies? Sitcoms? Music shows? Sports shows? Talk shows? Those didn’t matter! Anime was the only thing that mattered! I was alienating myself from the world. I didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t know that some most-wanted terrorist in hiding was finally taken down. I didn’t know about Adele’s new album. Part two of Harry  Potter and the Deathly Hallows is out? They had a part one?!

What brought me back to watching normal TV was wrestling…and Adventure Time. I look back, and realize how much of a fool I was. It hit me that at some point, I was just forcing myself to watch anime, because I wanted to believe it was who I am. I remember, I didn’t even like the shows I watched on the internet! They were boring and bland as hell! What, was going through my mind was, “Oh, I’ve still got to finish this! It would be a waste if I just stopped midway!” And then I would proceed to another random show, think the same thing and so the cycle of endless anime watching continued. I was watching anime for the sake of being a guy who watches anime, which, when you think about it, doesn’t have much merit to it. Now I’m back to doing what I love instead of forcing myself to love what I do.

This pantsless man is my savior.

Yep. Well, that’s all the signs I could think of right now. Maybe I’ll update this article when inspiration hits me. For now we’ll stick with these four. Did this article help? Did it help you gauge your addiction? Ready to go to otaku rehab? Well, if you ever need any more help in conquering (or feeding) your addictions, you’ll always have Sunny Side Anime Blog to turn to!

4 thoughts on “Four Signs That Your Addiction To Anime Has Gone Too Far

  1. stevaniahagos

    You know these signs actually helped me get out of my Twilight addiction last December? Of course, it didn’t come from you, but you get my point, right? :)) And instead of having a pantsless man as my savior, it was the quiet nerdy guy you hang out with (which is totally an epic fail lol)? Anyhoo, what I’m trying to say is that these signs don’t just help anime addicts realize they’re…well, anime addicts, but they also help people like me realize that they’ve gone too far and it’s time to turn their lives around. You don’t wanna know how much money I spent on Twilight/Rob merchandise or how many hours I wasted reading and writing fan fiction (in and out of school).

    This is a really helpful article, and I’m pretty sure that after reading this, some other people will start looking for their saviors sans pants as well…or start watching Adventure Time. =)) So thanks for the entertaining yet informative post. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with next. 😀

  2. agr0n

    That was just a plain awesome and after reading that I know that I’m not addicted because out of all those sign’s I only meet the credential’s of the 4th; I hardly ever watch tv anymore. Hey I still watch a few dubbed animes every now and then.

  3. Clyde

    I read the whole thing! You seem pretty cool i just like the way you put these words together in this article, I dig your sense of humour. I mean I like anime but I’m not so deep in cuz I got other vices unfortunately haha but if i knew you I’m sure we would be the best of friends


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