Figma Megurine Luka

Now I’ll be reviewing me very first Figma, Megurine Luka!

Megurine Luka is part of the Vocaloid series like Hatsune Miku. They were both created by Crypton Future Media, and were both designed by the artist KEI. While Miku’s voice is youthful and cute, Luka’s is more mature and husky. Here’s my theorized rule of thumb, the larger a Vocaloid’s boobs are, the more mature their voice is going to sound. This theory of mine has yet to be disproved!

Luka has an advantage over other Vocaloids by Crypton Future Media. She is bilingual, capable of singing in both Japanese and English. Yes, that is a picture of Luka holding a fish. Get over it.

Luka does indeed come with a frozen tuna (I don’t wanna explain). She comes with a vintage-looking microphone stand, an expressionless face, as seen in the photos above, a happy face, the standard figma hands, and an attachment to her stand to make balancing Luka easier.

If you’ll notice, the previous photos barely showed Luka’s bottom half. That’s because her skirt is made of hard plastic and it covers one of her legs. This greatly restricts how she can be posed. Also her belt is freely movable, but not detachable, which was just a dumb idea on the designer’s part. I can’t think of any creative way to use the belt. I just leave it on her waist, where belts are meant to be worn. It just ends up becoming a source of frustration when it comes off her waist while I’m fixing her pose.

That piece of hair that goes over her shoulder is also a nuisance. While it’s made of flexible plastic, it doesn’t totally give way to her arms. It would even push her arm down a little if you try to raise it past a certain angle. Her hair’s saving grace though is that it was done to have this wavy effect, and the effect works. Luka looks beautiful.

I’d hate to say it, but Figma Luka is full of problems. Her right arm has this detached sleeve if you’ll observe. It’s made of hard plastic so it doesn’t give way at all, making one arm bulkier and less movable than the other.

Oh boy the mic, the damn mic!. The addition of a  microphone itself is not a bad idea. Luka’s a singer. It’s natural for singers to have a mic. What is annoying is setting Luka to pose with the mic stand! Teaching a frog how to bark would be an easier job.

You see, every figma comes with a pair of hands for holding cylindrical objects (please save your phallic jokes). The problem with this is, those hands tend to lose their grip with extended use. I’ve had Luka since September of 2011. By now, her hand is so worn out that, if she was holding the mic stand and I tilted her by 45 degrees, the mic stand would slip off in a few seconds.

It’s a shame. Luka is one of the best-looking Figmas out there. She has gorgeous hair and a well-sculpted body.  Unfortunately, she is just plagued with flaws. Well,  as usual, I’m just gonna dump all the photos I took here.

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