Hatsune Miku Lat-type Version Figure

This time we’ll be looking at Hatsune Miku Lat-type Version FIgure by Max Factory and Good Smile Company.

This figure is 1/8 scale, made with PVC. The design was inspired by a character model designed by a model maker by the name of Lat (hence Lat-type version) for Miku Miku Dance, which is a 3D animation software named after Hatune Miku. If you don’t know who that is, leave now or I WILL KILL YOU…Just kidding!

Hatsune Miku is a virtual diva created by Crypton Future Media with her character designed by the artist KEI. Her songs are made by various programmers and producers (both professional and amateur) using Vocaloid, a voice synthesizing software. Miku received mainstream popularity when she started performing in concerts. This was done by projecting Miku onto a transparent screen on stage where she would sing and dance accompanied by a live band.

This happens to be my first stationary figure. I bought her at TAGCOM and I must say I’m quite satisfied with my purchase.

This is a finely detailed figure. Above, you can see her name tattoed on her arm. This imprint is actually barely a millimeter in size.

One of the two bases for the figure. It’s stylish and compliments Miku’s color scheme, but it’s flat and just a little more than generic. The other base just looks cheap though.

You may have noticed the peg sticking out of Miku’s leg. This is to prevent the figure from leaning into one side.

The figure comes with two microphones.

Last notes: The figure also comes with an extra pair of glasses and an extra peg incase the original one is lost. The glasses and the skirt are removable but I’m not gonna post photos of Miku skirtless (though I do have them).

If you’re wondering what color her panties are, they’re green and white striped panties. Anyway, here’s all of the photos I took of Miku. Maybe you can find her panties somewhere in the gallery.

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