Figma Hoshimura Makina

Just a short introduction to Figma: They’re small (about six inches), PVC action figures usually based off of anime characters.

This character is Hoshimura Makina from Shikabane Hime. While she appears to be an average schoolgirl, actually…

She’s a gun-toting,  monster-killing, vengeance-seeking reincarnated corpse.

Shikabane Hime is an anime about Makina’s fight for redemption and revenge. She is a Shikabane Hime, a corpse brought back to life in order to fight monsters called Shikabane. When Makina kills 108 Shikabane, she will ascend to Heaven as a reward. Along with the 108 Shikabane, Makina goes out into action to find and kill the people responsible for her death.

It’s a pretty solid action show. I’d compare the fighting sequences to Blood+, though it’s much lighter on the plot and, despite it’s dark and gritty setting, it pulls-off some decent comedy between serious moments. Don’t be fooled by my praises though. Shikabane Hime wasn’t much of a commercial success. This Hoshimura Makina Figma is their only kind of figure merchandise.

Makina comes with two faces, one neutral and one angry, two sub-machine guns, two “burst fire” effects to go with them, the standard figma hands, hands for holding her guns, plus an additional pair of “claw” hands which I think is unique to her figure. There’s also a bonus Figma school bag which came with the first round of manufactured Makina Figmas. This Figma was first released in 2009. I bought mine in 2011, but I still got a bag. Lucky me, huh?  I guess she’s just been in the store shelf for that long. Here’s a closer look at the gun and the burst fire effect.

Here’s what her claw hands look like.

I’m not too fond of the burst fire effect and the claw hands. I don’t think the burst fire effect looks too realistic and I just can’t find a creative way to use the claw hands…Except for this shot…

Makina poses an interesting challenge for the photographer (me) and that’s getting shots of her without revealing her panties.

Thankfully, I have my buddy Acguy to help me.

Okay now I’m just messing with you!

Overall, she’s a decent Figma with unrestricted poseability and cool accesories. Here’s all of the photos I took of her.

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