The Beginning of Something Absurd

Welcome to me little pet project! I am “Giuvigiuvio” (pronounced Geeveegeevee-OH!). First off, something you need to know about me, I am a character of extremes. I’m usually a quiet person (some would say socially awkward), but given a medium and opportunity to express myself I will go all out to let everyone know my thoughts. I can be brash and annoying, but I value being respectful. Just know that my goal in writing will never be to insult. If I would ever offend someone, it would be by accident.

Another thing, I don’t like expressing hate. The only kind of hatred I could willingly express is my hatred for hatred. Why do I hate hate? It’s because with my experience with it, it is never a good thing. Imagine this: You go to a concert. There are hundreds of people in attendance. The band on stage just finished a song and the crowd is cheering. The crowd calms down a bit and that’s when you raise your voice. “BOO! YOU SUCK!” How do you think everyone would react? “That’s okay dude. We respect your opinion!” NO. They’re gonna look at you, with glaring eyes. Some would even be bold enough to confront you. Congratulations! You just made enemies! Okay, I know there are some guys who are in to that kind of stuff, letting everyone around them know what they hate. Hate blogs do exist, but Sunny Side isn’t going to be one of them. If I ever come across something that I don’t like, I’ll probably just keep quiet about it.

“What about this blog? I wanna know about this blog!” says the curious reader. Well, this is an anime blog, meaning most suff here would be anime related. I’m not necessarily gonna cover shows episode per episode like other anime blogs. I might do that, if I want to. This is actually a personal blog, but anime is a personal interest of mine. What to expect then? Yeah, I might cover shows as they air. I’ll probably post figure galleries, maybe reviews. Also I’m quite the con goer, so you’ll probably see coverage of the conventions I go to. What else? Well, this is something I fear I might do: talk about wrestling. Yeah, this is an anime blog but wrestling just happens to be one of the few interests I have that matches up with my interest in anime. You (the reader) are very free to ignore me if one day I decide to talk about how John Morrison deserved better during his tenure in the WWE, or you could just go along and participate in the discussion.

To conclude things, I’d just like to state that this blog was started on a boring, unproductive day during my vacation after high school. I’m going to try my very best to put effort into this blog and turn it into something I could call a success. Woot! First post and already a 497-word essay!

2 thoughts on “The Beginning of Something Absurd

  1. stevaniahagos

    dude, you are by far the most random person i have ever had the honor of meeting because while i was reading, i could actually imagine you saying all these random things. =)) best of luck to your blog.

    woot! first follower and commenter! =))))

  2. Zip Knight

    Patrick, I know that’s you, okay. XD I’m surprised that THIS is what you’ve been working on for the past few weeks.

    Well anyway, hope your blog’s a success!


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